A short update

Bren was discharged home from Kings College Hospital on Tuesday after receiving treatment for infections including Pneumonia.
Unfortunately she had to be readmitted to her local Hospital on Wednesday evening following a significant nosebleed. Her cough had been very troublesome but l’m pleased to say that her current treatment has shown improvement. Her temperature has also spiked, she is receiving further antibiotics. She continues to need very regular platelet and blood transfusions. The plan currently is for Bren to be transferred back to Kings College Hospital.

Heather and Hilary


9 thoughts on “A short update

  1. Karen Hodgson

    Wish Bren all my love and hugs. Thinking of her and wishing a speedy recovery so that she can be at home soon. Karen Xx


  2. garrydwhite

    Please extend our love to Brenda as she overcomes these recent challenges. She is so fortunate to have you both in her life as sisters, and thank you for updating the blog!



      You are all so blessed to have each other. Clearly our love to Brenda, but moreover an extra big share for you Heather and Hilary. Please do take care of yourselves. Sending you lots of thanks and love. David and Rainer


  3. Sally Cornwall

    Thank you for all recent updated I pray every day for Brenda to get back to her home with some kind of normal life.
    Brenda has so many friends and family rooting for her health to get stronger.
    Thinking of you all
    Love and hugs Sally xxxx


  4. Suzie

    Hi girls Suzie here in Tortola sorry to hear this please give her my love and big hugs thank you for everything you are doing for her I know it’s not easy but you are all in our prayers


  5. Paul

    Dear Heather & Hilary – thank you so much for keeping us all posted on Brenda’s situation.
    Much love, as always, goes to Brenda and great admiration of all those NHS folks, and to both of you, for taking care of her.
    Paul (of the PanAm variety!)


  6. Claire Phillips

    Please send Brenda my love and just to say I am now growing sunflowers after seeing the competition last year in her lovely back garden. 🌻🌻🌻
    Lots of love and hugs to all of you xxx


  7. Chihiro "Nisshie" Sato

    I was anxious to know how Brenda was doing. Thanks Hilary and Heather for updating her blogs. Brenda, I am glad that you are back home, and your sisters are with you. It should be the place you feel most comfortable and best people you want to be with now. Please also know that I am thinking of you everyday. Sending lots of love and hugs from Japan.



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