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Our Dear Bren

We are so saddened to tell you that our dearly loved Bren died peacefully yesterday,30 August.
It has been our privilege to care for her in her own home and to be with her. She has been such an inspiration and showed so much courage.
Thank you all for your support and prayers in reading her blog and following her journey
We would like to leave you with a piece of music which was very special to Bren
and gave her comfort.

Hilary and Heather

The Gaelic Blessing


Another update from Hilary and Heather.

After another stay in Hospital Brenda was finally discharged on Friday 11 . Brenda is extremely weak and fatigued, managing to walk only a very short distance, as she says “she can’t believe how the smallest movement takes so much effort” .

It is an overwhelming fatigue . We are currently caring for her in her home.
On Sunday we took her out in the wheelchair to Bushy Park – it was a lovely summers evening and we all absorbed the peaceful surroundings .
Brenda is experiencing some nose bleeds. Today we are back in Kingston Hospital for platelet and blood transfusions, her bloods will need to be checked twice a week.
She is pleased to be home.

A short update

Bren was discharged home from Kings College Hospital on Tuesday after receiving treatment for infections including Pneumonia.
Unfortunately she had to be readmitted to her local Hospital on Wednesday evening following a significant nosebleed. Her cough had been very troublesome but l’m pleased to say that her current treatment has shown improvement. Her temperature has also spiked, she is receiving further antibiotics. She continues to need very regular platelet and blood transfusions. The plan currently is for Bren to be transferred back to Kings College Hospital.

Heather and Hilary