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Every Day Brings Change

Another update from Heather as Bren has been too poorly to update her blog.
Bren remains in Hospital. In addition to her other infections she developed pneumonia – and had to cope with an very irritant dry cough for some days. With the help of the antibiotics and nebulisers this is now improving.

The treatment plan has changed. Bren was seen by the Doctors this morning and was told that there has been progression of her disease. Unfortunately the DLI infusion is currently not in the plan. Full dose Azacitidine chemotherapy is due to be given this week. She continues to require regular platelets, blood transfusions and fluids. Today a Picc line was put in – this will enable Bren to have all her blood tests and infusions through this line which will give her veins a rest. Her poor hands and arms are so bruised after needing such regular blood tests and infusions so although it is another line l think Bren and the nurses will be relieved!


Stopped in her tracks

Hello, just a short update from Heather.
Bren was admitted to Kings College Hospital ten days ago with an infection. She was hoping that it would be short stay but unfortunately it has turned out to be longer.
Bren has been ‘spiking’ high temperatures of 39c + so as you can imagine this has made her extremely fatigued. She is having intravenous antibiotics and regular platelet and blood transfusions plus intravenous fluids.
Professor Mufti visited Bren again this morning and the plan is that they are going to continue with the chemotherapy ( full dose azacitidine) and are going to talk to the transplant team re the possibility of giving another DLI. This is another infusion of my lymphocytes which are currently frozen.
Of course Bren’s main concern is that she is unable to tick off her sixty things ‘to do’ list this year!