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Time flys when your having fun!

I can’t believe that my last round of chemo finished last Tuesday, the bottle was removed, l will have my bone marrow test tomorrow. It will take 2-3 weeks before the full results will be known.

When I am at home l find it hard to believe what’s going on because life seems so normal but as soon as l go out with a mask reality kicks in. l have attended out patients twice a week so time passes quickly.
This past weekend we went to visit Mum in Herefordshire, it was so lovely to be out and about – it was quite busy on Saturday. Two of our good friends Terry and Nancy from California were visiting. It was a great opportunity for my nephew Chris, his wife Emily, their three children, my Niece Naomi and her partner Jon to join us for what turned out to be a lovely unplanned family day.
It was lovely to see Hilary’s grandchildren Drew, Eva and Blake. The haematology wards I have been on do not allow children so I haven’t seen them for months. Even at Eva and Blake’s young age they learnt about hand washing straight away !

Sunday 25th was MDS awareness day. This put us into fund raising mode. Mums apple and plum trees have been plentiful this year, our good friend Pippa has made some excellent jam and chutney which Mum has decided to give away with donations accepted hence the photo! We have had various fundraising efforts over the years for various causes. The MDS support forum has played a vital role for myself and family since I was diagnosed in 2008. We learnt so much about this particular blood cancer and treatments. When my cancer developed from the “wait and watch” stage to needing immediate treatment, we were well informed and had great awareness of what I would be facing.
The next few weeks will no doubt be fairly hard on the emotions because the results will determine so much. One has to believe that after four rounds of chemo progress can be made.
In the meantime, my hair is growing to where I need a trim – I am still wearing hats for two reasons, one because I feel the cold so much and secondly I am not sure how I Like this “pixie” hairstyle which has a new texture ! I might share with you soon !


Message in a bottle.

….or in this case chemo in a bottle. I am into week two of a three week cycle of my 24/7 chemo.

Having a small bottle attached that is drip feeding into my Hickman line has caused interesting negotiations in dressing,having a shower and sleeping. Mum supplied a handy little fashion accessory to carry it around in. Photo included to give you an idea of my latest addition.
It is so lovely to be an out patient and be at home. We have been enjoying some lovely autumn days. I am eating well and enjoying “space”. I don’t actually go out much as I cannot afford to expose myself to unnecessary infection, it’s lovely to see friends at home.

The haematology day room is a bit of a club. The same people attending each week, all having top  ups of blood,platelets,chemo. I am now accepted as a fully eligible member !
I am often asked what I enjoy most about being home, it changes all the time. Highlight running through my head this week is getting out of bed onto carpet instead of hospital Lino flooring.
Now if I could switch the contents of my bottle to a nice chilled white wine, I would be flying high!